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Kinect bvh capture

The Skeledance is a choreographed dance routine in Copperdollar’s ‘Back of Beyond’ at Glastonbury.

Day of the Dead performers flank the projection of a skeleton performing the same dance. Introduced to Glastonbury in 2015, I used a Kinect 2 to motion capture a performer doing the dance, cleaned the data, applying the bvh motion to a skeleton within Poser, then lighting and additional effects in After Effects. I wrote a small app to be able to ‘scrub’ the pre-rendered video to ensure correct start timing when the awesome ‘DJ Stylus’ hit the tune!

The first half of the video is a mock up of one of those medical anatomy posters, but in the second half, I switch to an effect where it looks like there is a skeleton dancing behind the screen. The effect is helped by the fact that previously during our show, real performers have shadow danced behind the screen.

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