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Black Hole: Poems Bennett a Frank

Black Hole: Poems

Bennett a Frank

Published September 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781500965570
92 pages
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 About the Book 

In Black Hole poems, a lifelong drug abuser shares his path of struggles in a collection of dark verses. He makes stunning revelations about addiction, which had been rooted in a young mothers ignorance, while yearning for peace and acceptance from a rejecting society. This book is simply about life, death, love, and the absence of love in the netherworld which surrounds us all. Once immersed into the first poem, the reader will be unable to lay the book aside. The author also shares perspectives and heartfelt messages and reflections for those who are drawn into that netherworld, directly or indirectly. It is a book for kids on the cusp. It is a book for the enablers. It is a book for those who care.