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ADVANCED BIRDING - Peterson Field Guide Series Kenn Kaufman

ADVANCED BIRDING - Peterson Field Guide Series

Kenn Kaufman

Published May 23rd 1990
ISBN : 9780395535172
299 pages
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 About the Book 

So, this is a very detailed, in-depth book on birding. I got through the first section, which was about identification in general. Unfortunately I didnt retain very much -- for example, he goes into detail about molting, and the different kinds of molts, etc. I was happy to read it and Ill keep in mind the idea that well, that bird looks weird, but it might just be between molts or something but theres no way on Gods green earth I am ever going to be able to remember specific molts for certain species of birds. But still, Im glad its in there!I stopped when I got to the part that starts talking about identification for specific types of birds (I think ducks were first.) Again, its interesting and useful but theres no way Im going to retain most of it. But maybe before I go out somewhere where I know there will be ducks, Ill read the duck section as a refresher.Long story short, its a valuable book, but not as useful to a birder such as I, somewhat more casual and in it for the being outside on a leisurely walk side of things, moreso than the getting a long list and spotting rarities side of things.