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Back to Roma John Galavan

Back to Roma

John Galavan

Kindle Edition
161 pages
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 About the Book 

Back to Roma is Volume 7 in SeriesItalian Art Theft AdventuresTwo bastard thieves- but worse!- are going Back to Roma to remove marble pieces- noses, ears, hands, heads- from ancient marble statures. The bastards!This is a brilliant business strategy: offering pieces from copies of masterpieces mounted in public display to collectors. Imagine buying a nose taken from a prominent statue- of a goddess! The hand of Neptune!- imagine this in your collection.This is their third trip to Roma. And, because of a storm that is ravaging Rome, surely they will be successful. Except- thank God for this!- there is a Carabinieri art theft prevention and recovery team suddenly alert. Is there enough time to stop- these bastards?This art theft adventure is one in a continuing series featuring a recurring cast of Carabinieri inspectors, museo directors, and the Fantastico! sights and sounds of Florence and Rome. Inventive thieves and their despicable clients are determined to steal for themselves the treasures of all Italia. At times they only fail because of the odd intuition possessed by the Florence Carabinieri Direttore and his two senior Ispettore sisters.If you love hanging out in Italy, then you just might also enjoy Are you Dead?, which pits two old thieves against the Direttores star inspectors, Sarina and Rea di Spaziote. The old men are compelled to steal a masterpiece as required by a dying Mafioso client. This adventure begins when Rusticos arm is seized and he is pulled off-balance into the chest of his 82-year old partner, exclaiming, Hey! Arent you dead? It is improbable that such old men could defeat the security and procedures that are used by Florentine gallerie e musei. Impossible, some would say. Completamente impossibile!About The Italian Art Theft Series and the Oregon B&B Adventure SeriesThe author likes to hang with his book friends and so he has created two fun series. Because John Galavan would drop everything if he possibly could and move to Italy, he has created a series of art theft adventures. Pack a bag and tag along in To Roma! To Roma!- your first fun Italian adventure.Galavan frequents Oregon so he created The Little BirdN bed and breakfast adventure series. Come on along! Monks in the Marsh is the fourth in this continuing series featuring a cast of local characters and evil B&B guests. All of this excitement comes to the lonely north Oregon coast and into the lives of Anne and Jack Logan.In Monks you will find a rich and nasty lapsed Catholic and a wonderful Chicago business owner cheated by his accountant who fled to the BirdN to be saved by his Los Angeles sister who brought prayers and... monks!