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Creaming the Babysitter Bianca Lee

Creaming the Babysitter

Bianca Lee

Published June 2nd 2015
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Leslie had naively thought that tonights job was going to be like any other night. It didnt matter that her entire body had been acting strangely, developing in ways that made heads turn and guys salivate. However, she was sorely mistaken when her sensitive chest began leaking in front of the man of the house shed been secretly pining over.Except it isnt long before she faces a twist that leaves her mind reeling and her thighs quivering. Finding herself spread beneath of the man of her dreams, Leslie has to decide whether she has it in her to give him what he wants, both now and nine months later.Note: this 10,600 short story has taboo themes that are too explicit to share in this description. Choose Look Inside to read a steamy excerpt.