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Waters of Oblivion David Lyons

Waters of Oblivion

David Lyons

Published August 28th 2014
Kindle Edition
310 pages
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 About the Book 

Waters of Oblivion by David Lyons, the third in the critically-acclaimed Jock Boucher mystery thriller, action and adventure series, takes this unique and charismatic protagonist to an explosive new level of international intrigue from the very first pages.What connection could there possibly be between the tragic death of a naval carrier fighter pilot of an experimental aircraft employing a new light wave communication technology, and the terrorist bombing of a funeral attended by the entire federal judiciary of Southeast Louisiana? Tormented after the death of his fiancé in the blast, renegade Cajun Federal District Judge Jock Boucher is asked by the President of the United States to search for an answer. Healing from his own injuries, but unable to refuse the request of his president, Jock is further conflicted when the brash young Detective Madeleine Toussaint, shares with him an outlandish plot she overheard while acting as local liaison with the FBI investigating the tragedy- a conspiracy devoid of rhyme or reason—a Southeast Asian ally of the U.S. blew up the function of federal judges. Proving this theory is part of an ambition the FBI has harbored for decades, to achieve the decimation and takeover of CIA. The bombing has provided the perfect opportunity.Further deaths, a local lawyer with a case against the largest American defense contractor, and the coroner who investigated the lawyer’s death, bring Detective Toussaint, and Boucher’s best friend, Detective Fitch—just Fitch—into the realm of Boucher’s own quest. The trio is led to search for one of the most diabolical antagonists in all of thriller fiction—a naturalized American engaged in espionage, turned traitor against his adopted homeland, an arms dealer and assassin who is planning a nuclear apocalypse on the East Coast of the United States.With legal strategies that fans of John Grisham will enjoy, military tactics that will appeal to any Tom Clancy reader, and New Orleans southern gothic elements worthy of a Greg Iles thriller, Lyons’ newest novel is a fast-paced triple threat, and an exciting treatment of what may be the next war facing the United States. To see where America’s greatest challenge may lie, look to the seas, look to the Waters of Oblivion.About the Author:One thing that strikes me as I take a reflective view of my life so far is how much my past has led me to the endeavor in which I am now engaged—an author of action and adventure thriller novels.I was born in England, raised in the United States and around the world, my childhood travels dictated by my father’s job. My adult globe-trotting was the result of my own career choice, international law. In my profession I traveled extensively, met and worked with government and business leaders around the planet- with allegedly legal arms dealers, with potentates and poseurs- some of the most colorful, charismatic, and occasionally dangerous men on earth. During those years, I did not realize I was building a reservoir of recollections that would someday provide the fodder for my fiction. For whether I take the reader on a walk through New Orleans’ French Quarter, the basements of the US Capitol, the grand hotels of Europe, or a prince’s palace in Arabia, I am dipping into my own well of memories. Most times the reminiscences are pleasant- not always. Occasionally, I recall a certain event in my life and ask myself, how did I get into that mess? Or, more importantly, how did I get myself out?But they were fascinating years—and I sure did log those frequent flyer miles.Nowadays, my productive hours are spent at the computer, my beloved cat asleep on my desk, as I sift through my past and apply it to my fictional characters’ present. Not necessarily productive but most fulfilling,And if you’ve read and enjoyed my work, be sure to tell me and you’ll receive my sincere gratitude.Thanks for reading.