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Project Peace Daniel E. Huttar

Project Peace

Daniel E. Huttar

Published December 8th 2008
ISBN : 9781607039198
240 pages
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 About the Book 

With mankind facing a real, global crisis that threatens a mass extinction, a disparate group of inspired Americans, including scientists, intelligence operatives and maverick politicians, rise to the challenge and take action. This is the story of how the crisis developed, how the people came together, the convictions that they shared and how they found the strength to persevere in their crusade. The story reveals how ordinary people, men and women who fall in love and question the meaning of life, become heroes of historic stature. Their accomplishment is made more impressive by the real-world impediments that they face, including the threat of death by terrorists. This is not a fairytale but a plausible account of how miracles can and do happen in the context of a corrupt world.