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Virus Z: Sojourn - Episode 2 Robert Paine

Virus Z: Sojourn - Episode 2

Robert Paine

Kindle Edition
17 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Virus Z: Sojourn - Episode 2An unknown virus, ordered to be secretly researched by the government, is in the hands of a tired, overworked CDC Scientist. A small mistake is all it takes. It started with one. One person becoming what no one truly believed to be real.James Ericson witnessed the downfall of Floor Three in the Atlanta CDC Lab. He saw a man he admired turn into a flesh-devouring monster. Now, with just his blood stained lab coat and a mysterious flash drive, he must attempt to outrun the virus.Now on the road, out of Atlanta, James thinks hes heading towards safety. But this new world has other plans in store for him...NOTE: This is the second episode of Virus Z, a serial novel. There will be cliffhangers, and Zombies, from one installment to the next. Read at your own risk...or delight.