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Secrets (The Free Land Chronicles, #3) Yvonne C. Carsley

Secrets (The Free Land Chronicles, #3)

Yvonne C. Carsley

Published October 2nd 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Everyone has their secrets- from bloodthirsty vampires to graceful elves, from the creator to the dark destroyer, everyone has things they would rather keep hidden but all things hidden have a way of being revealed.Two thousand years have past and things have greatly changed. Anya rules alone- her husband having vanished, as mysteriously as other elves in previous years, and dark forces are running freely across the no longer quite so Free Land.Resigned to battling these forces without the help of her king Anya receives a letter requesting her presence – a letter written in a familiar hand, a letter asking her to come to a place she had never thought to see again, Kandar.A land where evil swirls in the very air and can be tasted even in the water, a land no sane person would step in without good reason, Anya is compelled to go there. She must if she is to discover why she has been forced to spend the last two millennia alone. She must go there and she must go alone.Daughter Jasmine, sharing more than just her raven hair with her father, gives chase, meaning to bring her home or discover where she has gone and why.But there are those who want, and need, Anya to reach her destination, those known as the Secret Ones, and Mistress Alia (a witch who has more than her fair share of secrets) is determined to make sure their wishes are carried out. With the help of mysterious white warriors she blocks Jasmine’s way and ensures Anya’s progress. But the dark forces draw ever nearer. Will Anya reach her destination safely and what will she discover if she does? Are the answers to the questions she has worth her very life? Will discovering secrets give everything meaning or destroy all that she thought she knew and cared for?