• Microsoft Visitor Center, Seattle    Interactive art using Kinect

  • International Space Station simulation game

  • SKELEDANCE    Kinect2, After Effects

  • Diesel

  • Digital Rain - an interactive curtain of rain

  • 3D Navigation for Hong Kong Shopping Centre

  • Glastonbury

  • Creative Technologist - mixing skills of programmer, designer and artist.

From creating a 3D interactive map for a shopping center in Hong Kong to releasing helium-filled balloons on the plinth at Trafalgar Square... From turning the Glastonbury crowd into dancing digital skeletons to corporate team events in Manilla...

From unusual and one-off art pieces to corporate applications, all my work involves an unusual mix of technology and art and the off-beat...

My skills include C++/C# Programming, Open 3GL graphics, 3D Scanning and printing, Projection Mapping, 3D Kinect and a whole lot more.